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The following text of my unpublished letter to the editor of the Bryan-College Station Eagle says it all:

Since the last presidential election cycle, I have been reading about the vaunted Republican micro-targeting effort aimed at identifying and turning out sympathetic GOP voters.  So, imagine my surprise when an envelope bearing John McCain’s return address appeared in my mailbox, asking me to send money to elect Republicans to congress.

I haven’t voted for a Republican since the late 1990s, and have marked a straight-party Democratic ballot since George W. Bush befouled the White House at the beginning of this decade.

Not to appear unappreciative, however, I filled the provided postage-paid envelope with old, pre-Euro, German, French, and other  foreign coins, plus a few spare screws and fishing sinkers from my toolbox.  The return postage the RNC Victory Committee will have to pay constitutes my contribution to elect Republicans this year.

Now, before you contact the postal inspectors, be assured I didn’t do this.  Although I’d love to have charged the GOP congressional campaign committe with about $10 of return postage, I thought such a stunt might have damaged the machines that process the mail or endangered those who operated them.  I does require a bit of judgment to do what I do for a living, and hopefully that carries over to how I choose to express myself politically.


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