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Yard sign theft is not an exclusively Republican character flaw.  In other parts of the country, McCain partisans suffer vandalism as suppression of their right to speak freely, as do Obama loyalists.   Here in Aggieland, however, we Obama voters seem to be exclusively on the receiving end of this malicious mischief.

So, how do you fight back?  I recommend a trip to the auto parts store followed by an excursion to the pharmacy.  At O’Reilly’s (not related to Bill-O), I picked up a can of white axle grease, and at Walgreens a small jar of petroleum jelly did the trick.  The grease goes on the edges and on the wire frame, the clear Vaseline on the face of the sign.

Now, when my friendly neighborhood perpetrator gets a handful of yard sign, he’ll also benefit from a lube job as slippery as his character.


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