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Eighty days after President Bush declared the end of major combat operations in Iraq, a fire fight in Baghdad killed Jonathan Rozier, the first of 20 Aggies who would die in this unnecessary war. Five years will have passed when Bush addresses Texas A&M graduates Friday, but the dying continues and the commander-in-chief seems unrepentant.

Once again, Aggieland serves as a refuge for the Bush clan. Years after Pappy Bush located his presidential library here, Bush the Younger gives what could be the last college commencement speech of his presidency Friday. Texas A&M, once dubbed be the American university with the most nostalgia for Ronald Reagan, is one of the few civilian venues where Bush could expected to be received warmly by an academic convocation.

He needs us. His election-day approval rating stood at 25%, only one point higher than Richard Nixon at the depths of Watergate. Some 78% percent of Americans lack confidence in the economy, according to Gallup. Seven years after the 9/11 terrorists struck, the war in Afghanistan looks more bleak than ever, and despite some military success in Iraq, that adventure remains unpopular with the American public.

The campus where a student group threw raw eggs at a likeness of Barack Obama several weeks before the election seems perfectly tailored for a president who sexed up intelligence to justify invading Iraq, authorized kidnapping and torture after promising compassionate conservatism, and turned a balanced budget into a financial black hole. In the waning days of perhaps the most unsuccessful presidency in America’s history, President Bush found a university where he’s still admired. (more…)


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